Sunday, 21 December 2014

Midwinter solstice time ...

Hello all

I am sure that your planning is as busy as mine. I have been away visiting family & attending to some family jobs.

However, I managed to spend the time productively by getting some presents,  window shopping & enjoying some meals out too.

We arrived back home this afternoon & enjoyed a lovely Winter solstice sunset of pink & blue colour across the sky - a lovely reminder of the beauty of Winter.

Many cultures have specific traditions associated with Mid Winter.

Holly & mistletoe have always been associated with pagan rituals during winter & they have crept into our own lives. I love to have a bowl of pretty pine cones, boughs of holly & ivy & bowls of fragrant bulbs in my home …

Look at previous Winter solstice posts - 2011, 2012, 2013 -

The sun has set beautifully on our shortest day - the days will gradually lengthen & brighten up - that is certainly something to look forward to.

Hope you have observed the changing season - even if it was just pausing to look at the sunrise or sunset ….

Thanks for stopping by,  especially as the festive planning takes over our time
Dee ~♥~

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It is looking more festive at home …

Hi everyone,

Please tell me that you are all still getting ready too & that your tree is just going up?

We have had such a busy time at home that I have not had a chance to get organised.  I have seen lovely trees at the homes of my students & bemoaned the fact that mine is still in the depths of my loft.

One of my lovely Mum's has once again had a wreath ready as a gift for me - a gift from her heart that she knows I really appreciate. I could not wait to get it home & put it on my front door so it looks festive.

This morning, with both daughters due home, I suddenly had a spurt of energy & got the long garland & lights done for our inglenook fireplace. I think I need to still find a very long garland or two that will drape all the way down but I just haven't found one yet ….

I have only put a small tree up & even changed the sideboard in the conservatory.

I love to look back over 2012 previous years & 2013 last year efforts; it is always a little different & this is my 2014 version.

and the drinks trays in the conservatory were checked, bottles wiped down or replaced & a little tree with IKEA battery lights & some cocktail decorations added … looking a lot better.

The dining room sideboard is smaller but still got a festive touch, then time for an early festive meal as we can't all be together on Christmas day

My two ladies each have a lovely festive garland on their heads …

I love my candle sticks with their dangly crystals ….

My Venetian crystal set is always out at Christmas

Much better - it is starting to feel festive in our home, hope yours is too …

Thanks for stopping by,
Dee ~♥~

Sunday, 14 December 2014

An icy canal walk ...

Hi all

Winter seems to have arrived with an icy blast this week after a very mild Autumn.  All around us the neighbours have been busying themselves with trees & outdoor lights.

This morning,  we decided to take an early morning walk along the canals which wind their way through our beautiful rural county of Shropshire.

Crisp, cold mornings are good for photos so it was walking boots, camera, gloves & hat time ...

Norbury Junction is one of many places along the canals.

The ground was icy with iced patches along the tow path & the hedgerows & banks glistened with the frost - very pretty.

The canal boats all tied up along the river bank - some are permanently moored there

A puff of smoke from a wood burner - much needed on a morning like this ...

 Christmas is coming - even on the canal boats

Beautiful reflections along the still canal in the early morning light - a perfectly peaceful walk

The canal winds its way through beautiful Shropshire  / Staffordshire countryside - you would hardly know it is there ...

I love paths where the trees meet overhead in a tunnel like scene because it feels cosy & private - how lovely is this?

 Signs of Autumn / Winter in the hedgerows - lots of birds about but they were too quick for us & we didn't think to bring some seed with us ...

Where to today?

A sound in the distance - we waited for the canal boat to chug around the corner ...

I love the colours & details on the boats - each individual ...

Footpaths up onto the fields around the tow paths

Frost still on the stones of the bridge - crisp & cold morning!

All the ducks in a noisy row in the sunshine ...

A local pub / café open with hot coffee

I love this photo of the mist rising over the canals & the tree silhouette.

 I hope you have enjoyed the canal walk with me - it is one of the things that I love about our county of Shropshire - the wide open spaces with interesting sights & lots of lovely countryside.

Have a fabulous week, time is marching on & my tree is not yet up ... Leave a comment so I can return the visit

Dee ~♥~

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Vintage lace needs organising ….

Hi all

I have been trying to get more organised with my sewing bits so I can take advantage of spare time to do some sewing without spending most of the time looking for the bits I need.

I have painted a tea trolley to use as a sewing table, & also a vintage sewing box for storage. However, like most sewers, I am a bit of a hoarder with fabric, cottons, lace & such likes.

Do you find that out of sight is out of mind?  A friend stops by on a regular night once a week & we have some really productive sewing time while chatting & drinking tea.  She brings over her large IKEA tub with things she might need & I open up my sewing boxes & we oooh & aaah & the inspiration flows once we see the beautiful things ….

My lace storage has been haphazard & a tub is just not right as it takes most of the evening to just untangle the bits I need. I repurposed a small box I had & it is just the right size to take a large lace card so that got me thinking ….

I took a card I already had, traced the shape & modified it to the right size to fit into my box. The card looked too plain so I decided to cover some of the cards with this lovely bright wallpaper I had.  

Fabulously bright & cheerful ….

Aren't these lace strips just too pretty to be hidden away?

How lovely is this trimming with its gathered edge? Hmm what should I use it on?

I love the bright colours of the lace cards …


This daisy lace came from a vintage lot - so very pretty & so very useful for Gentlework  projects

The new cards suit the size & shape of my box - perfect for flicking through for something special.

Time well spent because they are both functional & appealing.

I just know that we will use them more now & they are a thing of beauty too.

Is this not the loveliest original vintage furry trim on its original card?

The juxtaposition of being more organised to be more creative ….

What are your storage tips? Please share & inspire me :)

Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your comments.
Dee ~♥~