Sunday, 5 July 2015

Preparing for a beautiful Shropshire wedding …

I am so excited to be preparing for the wedding of an ex student.  I have known her & her family for a long time, having tutored 4 of them, so being asked to share her big day is very special.

I am an enthusiastic photographer who has done a handful of weddings for friends.

My A Wondering Star daughter will be alongside again, supporting me - here are some of our previous weddings

- Behind the scenes for a Shropshire wedding  & the wedding photos 

and a friends wedding in Ludlow

-  A preparatory visit for A beautiful Shropshire wedding  with some black & white photos 

Tomorrow's bride is a lovely, confident young lady who is a credit to her Mum who has been instrumental in keeping her grounded & yet ambitious enough to pursue a modern apprenticeship in hair & beauty. I know that she will go confidently in to her new life, knowing that her family & community are firmly behind her.

You will 'know' her Mum as the lovely generous lady who makes sure I have a beautiful wreath for my front door each year as a most welcome gift  that heralds the festive season in my home.

I met with N to talk through her expectations for the wedding photos. How fab are her shoes - this is a stylish person …

Her hubby is rather camera shy but one thing is certain - they will make a very handsome couple ….

They are marrying in a local church & so I popped there for a pre visit this week …

I didn't get in the steeple as I was looking for clear textured backgrounds …

A lawned area for photos?

The canopied entrance …

The absolutely lovely interior of the church

The interior

Don't you just love the domed ceiling & the wooden beams?

It is a very good choice of church - in the heart of the local community.

The cameras are charging, memory cards are being cleared & lenses are being selected …

We will be using:

Canon 1D with EF50mm f/1.2l lens / EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS lens 
                Canon 5D mk11 with EF 24-105mm f/4l lens 
                Canon 40D backup with EF135mm f/2l prime lens 
                Canon 650D with 50 mm 1:8 prime lens
                Canon speedlite 580EX11 flash

N & N's wedding will be a fabulous experience & you will all get a peek soon of this very special occasion ….

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Summer Solstice day …

Hi all

I shared my ideas ahead of the Summer Solstice & thought I would show the reality …

I am an early riser & this was our sunrise around 4:30 am - clouds hovering on the horizon

I slipped in to the garden early to sip my tea & enjoy the birds & other wild life visiting - a dawn chorus from the neighbours rooftop ….

A blue tit choosing his breakfast from our selection

This regular visitor just likes the nuts ….

Our David Austin house rose is in full bloom …

Good weather so I opened the garden summer house

I love this space & look forward to using it more with the warmer weather …

Lots of jobs to do first …

I had an idea to do a wreath or garland to celebrate growing things so I took my secateurs & went in search of some garden greens. Green willow branches are useful for the frame shape with various bits ready to add to it …

The fresh garden tribute with rosemary finishing it off on the bottom. Lots of scents fill the air ...

Then mindful of my pledges to make this a healthy eating day - my late lunch was a favourite of thin steak, dry pan fried with just herbs, some steamed vegetables,  beetroot & an avocado that needed eating up before it was too soft. (407 Kcal if you are counting …. )

A jug of lemon & lime sparkling water ready then time to light a lantern (too windy for a candle today) and just enjoy eating outdoors.

Even the simplest food just tastes better outdoors ….

More things to catch up on & sticking with my fruit pledge, I opted for sliced melon - perfectly refreshing while browsing a vintage 1881 book.

I always manage to find interesting snippets in that old book

The gorgeous vintage covers & a feather from the lawn used as a bookmark …

A stray daffodil in the ceramic pots on the table … very pretty

A lovely l-o-n-g day spent mainly outdoors in my garden - celebrating the changing season.

The sun is setting on this Summer Solstice - I hope yours has been good too.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Summer Solstice is here again …

Time marches on & the Summer Solstice is almost upon us again.

I love the rhythm of the seasons, watching how things change & develop in my environment. It gives a timelessness to life.  The Summer Solstice marks the midpoint & the date varies between the 20-22 June - this year it falls on the 21st.

On this day, the sun is always visible for longer in the sky as it tracks from north of east to north of west across our skies - our longest day of the year!  Today has been rather wet & sunless so hopefully that will clear for the solstice day …

It was suggested by a student that it is a good idea to make a green flower wreath from the garden - that sounds like fun & I might very well do it …

It is a good time to light the chimnea in the garden,  burn some candles in lanterns & just enjoy the primitive connection we have to fire. I like to add herbs from the garden to the fire to fragrance the air.

I have a personal tradition of writing a wish or regret I want to banish on a paper then burning it in the fire  - I think that will be done again.

I also like to celebrate by eating wholesome,  natural food outdoors in the fresh air surrounded by the  green garden with birds hopping about - fruit kebabs are a wonderful way to celebrate food.

This is one of my daughters A wondering Star's fruit drinks - that is what is needed!

Tonight we had a beautiful sunset , I hope our Solstice sunrise will be as lovely.

Do you observe the changing seasons? Will you be looking forward to the longer days that await us (for a while only)?

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The picture ledge is in place …

Phew - at last,  some time was found to hang up the completed picture ledge in the living room. It was delayed because  I needed special raw plugs to support heavier things & then the drill was not charged.

I am not a natural diy re electric tools so the planning took a little longer to mark the points on the wall, drill the holes (finding the right drill bits in the garage took time too …. ) then finally hanging it on the wall …

I used a spirit level to make sure the top shelf was level but the bottom shelf is not originally completely straight but I chose to line up with the top shelf …

At last - a space to just pop on interesting art, framed maps or anything that catches my eye. I love being 'random' by rotating the interesting things we have so that I get the opportunity to enjoy them
more often.

I am funny about art - I love things that mean things to me - the 3 top pictures are from South Africa, the centre one is a vintage one (the other hangs above the TV) and the bottom ones are all family vintage ones - the centre one on the bottom is of the place where my grandfather was born in South Africa more than a 100 years ago.

At the same time, I moved some pictures around on the picture ledge in our entrance hall - a change around & I stop & look at the changed paintings on my way in & out of the house - that is how art should be - things you enjoy looking at!

How do you display your pictures, art & images at home? Share your inspirations please …

Dee ~♥~

Friday, 19 June 2015

A picture ledge is needed

Hi everyone

I know, it has been ages since I have posted something other than travel but I have been working on a project that is nearing completion in between all the Summer jobs needing doing too ….

As my regular readers know,  I like to change things regularly & that includes displaying art, photos & interesting things we have.

A couple of years ago, we put some Ikea picture ledges up in our entrance way to display some of our photos & images.  The shelves suit the space between the doors from the front of the house & the inner hallway …

Some are vintage framed images painted by my late father in law more than 70 years ago, found in his attic & framed as primitive art for hubby.

The little black frame shows the rural place where my grandfather was born more than 100 years ago - picture shelves of memories …

A large vintage African painting is hung at the top as it fits in perfectly & looks right at home.

Various photos adorn this shelf where they are changed regularly …

I wanted something similar for our living room but the modern Ikea shelves are too modern for the room so another plan was needed.

Luckily, I spotted this sideboard top from a local seller I have bought interesting bits from - could it be perfect for what I need?

However, having just had the whole living room repainted in Natural Calico (the Marsala red is now gone) I felt that the dark shelves would be too imposing on the light wall.  The unit was also too tall so I marked it & cut it to just below the second shelf. It was hard work sawing through that as the wood is solid, hardwood oak!

I glued & nailed a small edge to each shelf front to support pictures displayed so that they would stay in place on the shelves. I used very tiny tacking nails on the supports. The supports would be part of the shelf once painted.

It is now ready to be taken outdoors for painting, the front supports visible to stop art sliding off …

The top fretwork had some damage but I had a plan -I used a jigsaw to make both sections look the same -

The shelves are shown with the first coat of Annie Sloan's Old White Chalk Paint

Sanding the cut edges smooth before another coat of paint is applied.

Waxing time for the paintwork - Annie Sloan's clear wax with some dark wax in the details.

The more compact size can be seen & the changes to the fret work seem natural, as if it has always been so. I think it looks very good. The supports on the front look as if they have always been there rather than a modern addition.

It is now ready for the wall  but that will be for another day …. I look forward to being able to display various art & photos in the living room without having to do nails or fixtures each time.

How do you display your art at home?  Do you change your mind or are there favourites that grace your wall all the time? Please tell all …

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